Fake Bob

coat- FF, jeans- Penneys, 
turtleneck - Brave Soul, 
pumps- Claudia Ghizzani 

We finally had a day for both of us. Life at the moment is so hectic. With Christmas Fairs and everyday duties. Cup of latte and few pastries to share are so wonderful watching sunset. Days are getting colder and windy so turtleneck (or polo neck) have become my essential. Keeps me warm and my hair in place tucked in for a moment having fake bob.
Thank you all for support and lovely comments on my works. I appreciate it very much!

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona


  1. Great idea, dear Ra, that you took some time for yourself! And this fake bob looks good on you and you are fresh and beautiful <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  2. really like pics! and nice trench :)


  3. amazing photos, dear! first looking at your title I was shocked because I read fake boob :)))

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

  4. Ah ah with your hair tucked in you really look like you have a bob and you look great...but I LOVE your long hair!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. I love you hair and you look so great!!

    Ciao ciao

  6. Lovely look, and good idea dear!

  7. haha, i've been known to rock the fake bob too :)
    love these photos, the light is just gorgeous!
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Ah those photos are breathtaking! Loved your fake bob! :)
    It's good that you had a day to yourself, after all this work!

    Call me M | Do You Speak Gossip?

  9. Gorgeous photos Ramona! You look so cozy in that sweater :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. You're totally rocking that faux bob! And the first photo is absolutely stunning!


  11. Beautiful pictures. I love how the sun looks in the background and the trench coat is amazing. I need to purchase one as soon as possible.


  12. You look gorgeous! I love the faux bob but I'm happy it's faux because I love your hair! It's gorgeous.

  13. Beautiful pictures, Love your outfit the coat is gorgeous!!!!


  14. vienmeer prieks sheit iegriezties and skatiit burviigaas bildes :-) jaa, shis laiks laikam visiem ir vienaa skrieshanaa, juutos tieshi taapat plus mums veel probleemas ar i-netu sanaakushas :( no darba kaut kaa iisti nesanaak catch up ar visiem blogiem :-) nevaru vien sagaidiit atvalinaajumu - prom no visas shiis skrieshanas :-) xoxo

  15. Hi Ramona! I used to do that with my hair when it was longer, I know have an actual bob. Loving the chic outfit and the coat fits you well. :)

    - Marie (All Things Marie)

  16. Ahhhh man jāsaka kā pretty, mājās nav datora, viss caur mobilo ir diezgan nu tā - man īsti nepatīk, ķimperīgi, mazi burtini raxtīšanai....utt...nesanāk tā normāk tā normāli regulāri iecienītākos blogus nemaz apmeklēt...plus tu pareizi saki, viss vienā skriešanā, kaut gan es mēginu mācīties piebremzēt....par šito tavu frizūru, labi.... Atceros arī tā darot, ir vienkārši dažreiz sajūtas, ka gribas tādu īsu supercool griezumu, bet tad atkal, nogriezt ir žēl, jo gribas nākošajā dienā to super garo zirgasti :D....un vēl, mati manuprāt tā ap kaklu ziemā patiesībā silda.... Darbojies kā mazais rūk,ītis, bet atceries, apstāties un vērot to saulrietu ir pasaka....x

  17. Hi Ramona, lovely pictures and your hair will suits you like that. I used to do the same :-)
    Have a great day!
    Dusana :-)


  18. ..ak , Tev tik loti loti loti piestav sada frizura , kaut ka tads very soft look , sieviskigs , kokjets un tiesam skaisti , vispar izskatas ka Tu pilnigi staro :) un man prieks jo sadi cilveki mani iedvesmo un liek uz pasauli skatities skaistak ..ari outfit perfect , vispar trench ir tik universala lieta , aukstaka laika uz dzempera ( ka Tev bildes ) un pat vasara var uzmest pari kleitinai kada vakara ! loti gaumigi !
    ak , Ziemassvetku laiks tiesam ir traks , vel trakak ja pirms Ziemassvetkiem esam nolemusi parkrasot maja visas sienas utt utt , bet gaidisanas laiks tiesam ir skaists :)

  19. I know exactly what you've been feeling, Ra, even if I'm here to tell you a few weeks late. This is such a busy time of year, which is probably why I'm only commenting so many weeks later. We're all feeling the same amount of rushed and stressed with so many commitments and so many wonderful, fun things we really want to do. It feels like such a treat to have just a few minutes to slow down. You are looking so lovely and relaxed in this classic outfit, I love the way your sweater hides your hair and gives the illusion of a new style :)

  20. haha --- oh i LOVE this post Ra! i've been working on my own fake bob so it doesn't get super matted underneath. i guess i tend to move my head around too much and create many unruly knots ;) yours looks great though, especially with the lovely blond color highlighted so well by the light! you look beautiful in your winter wears.

    i hope that by now you've had many more days like this. just having those intimate moments outdoors (or in) make life a true blessing. ♥