My heart had been lonely warrior

Oh, I so love my new comfy, gorgeous, tan ankle boots. They was so great bargain that now I'm little bit afraid that they wouldn't last long. Let's hope they will!(:

Red sure is one of the hottest colors for fall, so I put it on my lips. Adore my red diva lipstick. Apple earrings I got as a gift on last Christmas from my boyfriend. His last name translate as apple. Owls is still very in season. I'm wearing this ring from summer to fall.

Grey is my old love so this top I’m totally loving. It have great details added, like holes, chains, pins and shoulder-strap with military style buttons.

All photos by D.A.

xo Ramona


  1. Gray is a veritable beautifier hue for you, my dear.
    You glow delicate chicness. You seem at the same time relaxed, following your unique path in life, and also in touch with the trends and thus right in the eye of vogue.

  2. I love nail coat!And you bag is soooooo lovely!
    And of course i love that shoes are just a perfect outfit, i love it babe!



  3. red lipstick is the winner!!!! I wear russian red by MAC i love his mate texture.....is perfect, niiice ring!

  4. That red lipstick is so French!
    I so agree with the lovely Susu above;-)

  5. So glad you commented on my blog so i could come see yours, i love it! and i simply MUST know where you got that owl ring?? its beautiful! you look great, following your blog now x

  6. Those boots are cute .. love all the buckles :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com