Jenna Lyons

With her son and husband

Jenna with her son
Jenna's house

Her awsome wardrobe & shoes collection

Looking stunning in her bedroom

Jenna Lyons in her J Crew's office

I have a crush on Jenna Lyons since I sow her on Oprah's segment on Lyons , J Crew's Creative Director.

She seems so friendly and lovely with so great sense of style. Jenna Lyons really love her job and appreciate her position as style ambassador of the J Crew brand. At J Crew's she started working at age twenty - one , it just shows how she loves this brand and how devoted to this company.

She gives excellent advices. One of her great advice which I'm trying to follow trough my life is:

And do it 110 percent, whatever you do—whether it’s getting the coffee, whether it’s putting the finishing touches on that dress—do it 110 percent. The people you work with will notice, and that will be rewarded.

xo Ramona

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