Tuesday Inspiration

I thought the older we get the more reasonable we are. No more drama. But I would say that way too many people still are living in their teenager years- loving all that drama. Life seems to be still about with who to be friends with and who you pretend to be. I really want to step away from all of that, just cut off and don't think when next drama will appear. Maybe the older I get the more weird I get and that's why I'm having just few friends which I cherish. It might be that my tiredness is talking and it might be that I'm wrong.
I cannot wait when holidays will come and we'll have some days off to stay home and relax. I'm sure I still will be thinking about new jewelry designs, because there isn't a day when I don't think. It's my happy place. But I will close the door and have pajamas all day. I'm daydreaming.
Also I think some shopping have to be done, because my hand is reaching for the same things, but I don't have energy or time to spend for that. I'm sorry for all this rambling. #liveauthentic

Peace, joy and ♥ 
 xoxo Ramona


Pink For Fall

trench coat- FF | chambray shirt and jeans - HM | oversized jumper- River Island | bag - Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody | over the knee boots - Bebo via TK Maxx | earrings and bracelet - Strike a Pose Jewelry Swarovski collection | silver ring - Baltu Rotas via Concept Store RIIJA
 My chunky oversized knits are out. Last week have brought cold wind and temperature some day barely reached double digits. I was planning completely different outfit for weekend, yet I hope I will have a chance next week, because rains will bring some warmer weather. 
I have to admit that daylight saving time takes a bit of adjustment to darker mornings and evenings. But I really enjoy taking out all the fairy lights and candles it makes so cozy and romantic every place.
Peace, joy and ♥ 
 xoxo Ramona


Over The Knee

fedora- Fails Worth | jumper - Fashion Union | long vest - Fenn Wright Manson | jeans - HM | boots - Bebo | bag - Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody

I slowly, step by step getting into Autumn mood. The boot season is open. My boot collection have new addition (finally) - the over the knee. Last year I couldn't find the pair what made me happy, but in the middle of Summer I found my match. I have to admit I love attention to details and this pair have few details that makes them so unique. The block heel with interesting design and the slightly squared toe. Instead of black I chose grey, which is one of wonderful neutral colors and all time favorite of mine. I still remember back in my teens I had a one season when my wardrobe pretty much was all grey.

Peace, joy and ♥ 
 xoxo Ramona