Life Is Too Short, Wear A Dress

I think one of the powerful and feminine garments is a dress. I love dresses, but sadly Ireland weather isn't the kindest for wearing them. It's not about the rain, but it's a wind what is the danger. You never know when and where it suddenly will come from. The days when I get a chance to wear a dress I feel noticed, because you wouldn't see often on street women wearing dresses. I don't blame them, I just wish there would be more available pretty, comfortable and good quality dresses. I have scored this year two new dresses, but to find a good dress is very hard. I think the lack of quality sadly have increased - style, fabric too sheer, etc. Sometimes the bigger high street brands dresses couldn't tell apart from some cheaper imported online brands. 
I think less is more, so I keep returning to those which are in my wardrobe and only replace with new ones when I part from old. This is one of those dresses which are timeless and versatile. I first time wore it here. It looks great with tight, booties and layered. What I would suggest to look for is classic style and don't worry so much about color, because if you love it you will find how to dress it up or down with accessories. 

If you know where to find a good dress I will be grateful if you drop in comment.
dress- FF  | jacket - Vero Moda | bag - vintage | shoes - Zara |

Peace, joy and ♥ 
 xoxo Ramona


Daily Details

Life really gets busier. I wonder is it because I'm not good at organization or do my work takes much more time. I think it's must be both. The Strike a Pose Jewelry line have grown much bigger then it was before. Especially now in the summer I find myself very busy, constantly buying new supplies and working on new designs and orders. I truly enjoy my work, but sometimes it's nice to switch off to something else. Sadly my blog have been suffering a lot. I have so many ideas for blogposts, yet I never get a chance to do them. So I thought today I will share with you some of my handmade jewelry pieces. For more you go here or here

Peace, joy and ♥ 
 xoxo Ramona


Summer Romantic

Hello July! 
Summer couldn't be more perfect time for lace, embroidery, ruffles, embellishment and lace up. All the pretty and romantic little details. You don't have to go all out, you can always tone it down pairing with more classic, minimal and casual pieces. Most important keep it real, keep it true to yourself. There is way too much fake. Be the same person privately, publically and personally.
long vest- Fenn Wright Manson | jeans- Only via Ersk | blouse - Oasap.com | shoes- Blink | bag - Primark | bracelets -  Strike a Pose Jewelry
Peace, joy and ♥ 
 xoxo Ramona


Sleeveless Trench Coat

One of my favorite things to have is blazer, jackets and vests. They are such a great pieces to have from spring to fall to create many wonderful and effortless looks. 

I already have collaborated with Banggood.com and when they offered the second time I gave a thought and then agreed. I always make sure the company who wants to collaborate with me knows, that I will never wear or mention their products in my blog if they wouldn't be worth. When I got out this vest from parcel all creased, yet I knew it will be worth to show. It looks like something you would get from some well know high street brand. The fabric is kind of looking like sued, but it isn't. Vest is very airy  it so beautifully moves when I walk and designed like classic trench coat just sleeveless. I love this olive green color. Only minus- it creases like nobody business.

These photos we took at the end of the long day. We was driving and walking a lot, and we got even rained on. Vest got a bit of test.
jeans, shoes- HM | blouse- Primark | long vest- Banggood.com | bag- vintage | watch - TK Maxx |

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona