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photos from bikbok.com

When I lived in Latvia I loved buy clothes from Bik Bok. It wasn't deliberately, Bik Bok just had all trendiest and it was to my taste . The Bik Bok collections are designed in Oslo. In they shops they sell they own Bik Bok label, as well as brands such as Never Denim, Westhill Redbird and the accessory range Sassymanii. Bik Bok is chain store that dares to create its own direction and this impacts both the design of the clothes and the visual profile of the shops. At the moment you can find they shops in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, UK, but online store is not available. Fingers cross they will review this option. I like occasionally check BB home page and they newest collections. This time, as usual I found some gorgeous clothes. So I post this time Bik Bok my wanted and some great photos from BB home page. Awww, lucky You who can actually got them!
xo Ramona


  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT! Loviiing this

  2. they are bringing back the jerry seinfeild pirate shirt!! perfection. i would rock it! great blog

  3. Hi Ramona! Thanks for the comment on my site :) I'm really liking these inspiration photos and moodboards you have!