Lace, bow, flower & ruffles/Girly girl

I'm little bit late with post, because these photos was taken couple days ago. Inspiration came from one of my Chictopian friends Ania, she is from Poland. She had a lovely photo with cute flower hair band, so I left a comment for her, that few days ago I bought my first flower hairband as well. At first I thought that it's too funny for me, but I loved how it looked on other girls. Then I decided to buy one, just to try how its gone look& feel . Now I'm enjoying wearing it. And complimented her about hers cute hair band. And Ania respond, that she can't wait to see me wearing one :)
For a long time I hadn't chance to take some photos, but my bf did it when we was on romantic evening. We decided to go to one of small fisher men's harbours watch sunset at the end of our date. Day was so sunny and warm even at evening at the ocean the wind was pleasant.
This look is so romantic and I really felt comfy. Most of all from this look I love my new beige lace up high heel peep toe boots. I was so in love when I so them at a first time, so I decided to buy them, but shop was closed already. So when I got to the shop I notice that boots was already gone. I was so disappointed. Approximately after month I got them on my bday as a gift from my boyfriend. I have the best boyfriend in entire world! <3


  1. amazing shoes! love them so much and beautiful pictures! a following you now:)
    follow me www.elekonchicboutique.com
    Elena xx

  2. Il tuo banner mi piace tanto!xoxo
    adoro le scarpe :D