18 November

Today we celebrate the Proclamation of an independent Latvia, which took place 96 years ago. Happy Birthday Latvia! Priecīgus valsts svētkus! 
 I want to give a bit of love to some of my favorite  Latvians and I hope you will do the same. 

ERER- beautifuly handcrafted leather accessories for men and women featuring beautiful patters and attetion to details. Created in Latvia.  Have a peek on their Facebook page for all new updates.

RIGA/SNAP - A successful collaboration between professionals in the fields of art, design and manufacturing, has resulted in T-shirt designs for men and women featuring five thematic prints of Riga city – Central Market, Street Art, Railroad Bridge, Art Nouveau and Green City. For Riga locals, these are well known and seemingly mundane places, which we are introducing anew to the visitors of Riga. Locals can take another look at them in “a different light” and perhaps fall in love with them all over again. You can purchase RIGA/SNAP T-shits here.


Ketija is beautiful and creative mom of a boy and great friend to me. She is new to blogging world, yet post what she have already are fabulous. You can have a glimpse on beautiful nature of Latvia in her photos. She design and sew clothes.


Elina is beautiful and chic mom of two little girls living in UK. Everything she touch becomes more beautiful and romantic. Her photography is wonderful. Lots of pretty blooms and pretty things.


Ginta is beautiful and stylish mom of a little boy living in UK. Such a wonderful, friendly and just amazing person. I hope some day we will have a chance to meet up. I love her posts, I always waiting new. Sadly she do delete most of them, so you have to go and take a look what she has now on blog otherwise it will be gone.


Beautiful Diana is living in UK and share her great style and traveling photos. Every photo tells a story.


Anete beautiful, creative, oh, so stylish  blogger living in Latvia. Amazing at finding fabulous thrifted pieces for her wardrobe. 


Madara beautiful and sweet young lady living in Latvia. Shares her style, shopping, ebay findings and much more on her blog.


Brigita beautiful and elegant  young lady living in Latvia. Shares her style and love for food. You will like her photography as well.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona


  1. Oh Ramoniņ, foršs ieraksts tev...un jā noteikti kkad ...par blogu-es vienkārši visu laiku apmaldos...savas domās ha ha ha...un visi tevis piesauktie blogi ar tevi pašu priekšgalā ir man ļoti mīļi un tuvi...arī nesens pēdējais atklājums Brigitas blogs...hipp hipp urraaa dzimšansdienaa...siltus svētkus jūsmājas xxxxx

  2. that tee is cool ra! love those bracelets.

  3. Happy Independence Day to Latvia! I really like the bracelets and the tshirt is cool.

  4. Happy independence day!! Those bracelets are so fun!

    <3 Shannon

  5. Sirsnīgi sveicieni, Ra! Svinam godam! :)

  6. Great post. Happy Tuesday and do not forget to check out the latest vintage sunglasses giveaway!

    Eye See Euphoria : http://eyeseeeuphoria.com/post/60s-flavor

  7. Happy Birthday to your country, that is always a treat.
    I love your gorgeous t-shirt.

  8. It appears that Latvia is full of beautiful people!

    1. It is indeed and world is full of beautiful people as well!

  9. Tiešām lielisks raksts Ramon! Pirmkārt, liels Tev paldies vēlreiz par jauko pieminēšanu šajā rakstā, tas patiešām nedaudz sasilda sirsniņu! :) Un otrkārt, bija lieliski redzēt ne tikai man jau zināmas latviešu blogeru sejas šajā rakstā, bet arī divas blogeres par kurām es nezināju, bet tagad cītīgi sekošu viņu rakstiem arī! :)