Unboxing Shoes

We had crazy idea to take quick unboxing video of my new shoes which I received yesterday from Asos.com. I like to watch unboxing videos so idea of taking one and sharing with you was fun. 
I'm looking forward Spring and these shoes will be great addition to my Spring/ Summer wardrobe. To be honest I think they'll look wonderful all year around because of  pretty dark teal color and high Perspex heel.
Happy weekend lovelies!

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona


  1. wow shis ir skaisti... unbox shoes from asos? vai taa ir taada lieta kas notiek. .. kaadaa tumsoniibaa es dziivoju ;-) ljoti patika ravs video.... kurpes taadas es arii gribeetu, skaistas... viena no skaistaakajaam kraasaam un papeedis mmmmm... un taa eleganti tev sanaaca taa kastes atveershana man nekad nebuutu pacietiibas mekleet shkjeeres.. varbuut varu sho ideju palieneet. ..video. ..

  2. Fantastic video! Loved the idea! And the shoes are such beauties! They look great on you! I hope you wear them a lot! Can't wait to see them in an outfit! :)

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