Dannielle Laroche Night- Time Vitamin C

I think I never have before made a post dedicated to some skincare product. I was thinking a lot should I make a post about this product but just because I love it so much I thought I should share with you. Please, know that by any mean this is not sponsored post or I'm not a beauty blogger.
   When I picked up this  Dannielle Laroche  Night- Time Vitamin C  on sales I didn't put a lot of hope on it. I felt more adventures and was tired of my previous night cream, because it wasn't just working for me as I would like it (surprise, surprise) and I was for long time on hunt for new night cream. At the time my skin was acting up badly. I have combination skin type and yet I felt I need especially moisturize my T-zone. First time when I applied I noticed that it felt thick and could be rich but not at all it's not greasy, not heavy, absorbs very quickly. I thought it was making my skin dry but it was just tightening up my skin. After while I noticed that my skin looks more healthy, didn't brake out so much  when ever we have that time in month, and scars was heeling much quicker. 
  I love this product and I'm, upset that I can't find it anymore in my local shops. I have seen it on amazon and ebay but I don't feel confident to buy online. I'm just old fashioned girl like that. Please, let me know if you have tried this product or some other products from Danielle Laroche. Or maybe you could share your favorite products.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona


  1. I've never seen Danielle Laroche products before, but if I ever stumble upon them, I'll pick some of this up for you, Ra - I know how infuriating it is to find a cream you really like only to have it be discontinued!

  2. Never heard about this brand beform, but seems a good product!!


  3. This brand is new to me but I so love learning about new things/products etc.

  4. neesmu dzirdeejusi par sho, jo suprise suprise...es kreemus nelietoju, varbuut vajadzeetu, bet shajaas beauty jomaas savukaart es esmu old fashioned :-) es priecaatos, ja es vairaak uzdroshinaatos un izmeeginaatu, kaa tu... beeet nee pieturos pie zinaamaam lietaam un ja nu dzirdu labas atsauksmes te tur un atkal kkur tad izmeeginuun saliidzinu....jo biezhi ir ka jaunais nepatiik.... es priecaajos ka esi atradusi ko briinishkjiigu, vai shim produktam pasham savas lapas nav? noveelu tev mekleeto atrast :-) xxx

  5. Mans pēdējais pozitīvais atklājums no krēmiem ir Payot Hydra24 Cream. Ļoti labi mitrina īpaši tagad ziemā, kad sausais gaiss telpās un ārā vēji..

  6. Never tried it but now I kinda want to!