Shine Bright

I've been lately so busy that I haven't even updated on my blog what I have made for Strike a Pose Jewelry . I decided to share statement necklaces, but if you want to see more go to Strike a Pose Facebook page. I try update us much as I can. I hope you will like what I have designed and made. Please, let me know which is your favorite.

Embellished with dazzling cat eye yellow, sodalite and cascading with glittering teardrop green, red and grey crystals, turquoise, howlite beads and green tassels. It's perfect way to complete an outfit and add a little wow factor. 

This statement piece, sparkle in black, blue and clear crystals embellished with lampwork glass green beads and silky red tassels,  has the power to transform the simplest of outfits.

Adorned with a unique green glittering crystal beads arranged in ombre  and finished with satin ribbon tied in charming bow. You can always rely on this exquisite amethyst piece for statement sparkle.

Just add a sparkle! This intricate statement necklace instantly dazzles! Necklace's mix of cool blues, black alongside warm champagne and gold creates a look of true originality when pair with your favorite LBD or Tee and skinnies. 

Featuring a faceted pendants of filigree feathers , turquoise tusks and beautiful sparkly crystal beads this unique necklace will remind you of your favorite season throughout the year. This statement necklace will add dazzling color to any outfit.

Once your friends see your statement necklace layered over a simple Tee and skinnies, they’ll be calling you for fashion advice. In hues of blue, grey, black, clear, and gold, the stones of this statement necklace burst with shimmer and shine. This statement necklace will become the superstar of your wardrobe!

Turn a simple dark sheath into an astonishing outfit with this stunning statement necklace! An intricately beaded waterfall necklace suspends from a slim silver curb chain in glamorous berry tones glass and crystal beads with pearls and metallic accents.Wear it to brighten your casual days, or be daring with a printed dress. After all, who needs diamonds when there are so many colors to wear?

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona


  1. Very pretty and unique! I like the necklaces with the tassels.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  2. I love the blue/gold necklace and the amethyst necklace! I am a Strike a Pose fan on FB.

  3. I am loving all of these...lovely!!


  4. wowww Raaaa, they are gorgeous!!! Great job!! The second one is my fave!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Beautiful chocker neckpieces :)


  6. these necklaces are so pretty!


  7. congrats on starting your own little jewelry line! the amethyst is my favorite.
    Chic on the Cheap

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  9. Dear Ramana, congratulations on your new collection! The creation in teh second picture - the one you were wearing in a previous post - is one of my favourites and I completely agree with you that a statement necklace can make even the simplest of the outfits special! Caterina

  10. such a beautiful array of new pieces Ramona! i love all the colors and textures. each one seems to tell its own story and would look fabulous worn in a variety of ways. bravo! ♥

  11. Wow, dear Ra, you are so talented, your collection is awesome and I thank you so much for sharing and your tips. I like especially the details on each piece, my favourite are the feathers. I can imagine how much this collection means to you and that it was really much effort to design them. Keep it up <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  12. wow these necklaces are really beautiful! *_*

  13. Nice blog! Can we follow each other? Write me on my blog or follow me and i follow you:)


    Vik Ladyla - fashion blog

  14. They are beautiful!

  15. Such lovely jewelry!


  16. These necklaces are soooo beautiful! They would definitely add a glamorous touch to any simple outfit!!!

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  17. Wow! These are great! You have a great talent :)
    Love your blog :)
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    The Floating Team!