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Last week when my mom was visiting us we went for shopping (I finally had a chance to pamper her) I spot these gorgeous green pencil skirts which was in black as well. They have been on my mind since. I fell for green, but black would be timeless..or just safe. Hmm.. What you think?

Peace, joy and ♥ 
xoxo Ramona


  1. Go green! You can always get another black one. The green is stunning and would look so lovely with your long blonde hair Ra! Like a mermaid in leather.

  2. ja kkas ljoti patiik tad vajag pirkt divus, goda vaards...man ir zaabaki, kurus negribas vairs valkaat, jo taa tie driizaak nobeigsies, bet ja nopietni....melnus vienmeer buus vieglask atrast un zaljaa kraasa, oi ir super, iipashi, jo ne daudzi zaljo valkaa un iipashi, jo zaljai kraasai ir ljoti kvalitatiivas iipashiibad :-) kaa varbuut noproti es loti pavelkos uz kraasu iedarbiibu :-) man ar zalo ir iipasas attieciibas varbuut taapeec....

  3. Both!!!!hihi...they are so beautiful!!!


  4. Gorgeus skirts and black or green is the same!! Are two wonderful skirts ! To me for new post!

  5. Difficult choice! I would love to own the green one although I think really the black one is timeless! What do you think about to buy both ;)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  6. I'm sure you can always find a black one you'll like, but green ones are harder to come by. So I say go for green! :)

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