Transition into Spring

beanie- ebay.com, fur vest- Me Jane, trench coat- FF, jumper- HandM, jeans- Penney's, boots- Topshop, bag - ArtBag (my design), necklaces- Jewelcity, snood- Strike a Pose

Yesterday all day was snowing yet just at night it covered everything like in beautiful Winter wonderland. We went to bed so excited, we was waiting for a snow to come since winter came yet we never got it but finally when Spring is here with blooming daffodils Winter don't want to step back. Oh,it just makes life more fun!
Sadly by the time we had a chance to take a photos all snow was nearly gone yet it's still bitterly cold.
   Caterina from Not Just A Pretty Dress left so sweet comment in last post (Thank You Caterina!):"..Every time I see your outfit posts I think that you are the queen of layering and I love this style!.." I would never think about myself that I'm nearly mastering layering. Actually I just try to keep myself from freezing just because I don't have proper winter clothes.Today I did the same just layered everything playing with neutrals and brights, after all Spring is coming.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona 


  1. I love the brights!! Let's keep in touch, follow me at:


  2. I love that you included all the bright colors. The perfect way to cheer yourself up over the winter blahs!

  3. Loving that bag!! Glad you kept warm :)

  4. the pop of colours are so refreshing to see!! you look incredible, dear!! i love the purse!

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  5. you have a very cool style..great outfit, I love the colours!

  6. Ahaaa man arii taa shiet ka tu esi lieliska kaartu kaartaam sageerbties, man taa nesanaak, neizskataas un lai cik vienmeer esmu domaajusi, izskataas skaisti, es arii taa - nesanaak, vienreiz meeginaaju no tavas vienas bildes iedvesmojoties, varbuut atcereesies, tava bilde, kas man sasaucaas ar missoni, un missoni arii ir lielisks shajaa un tad nu bija kaartu kaartas, patika, bet nee realajaa dziivee nee nee nejuutos es :-)
    To pashu varu teikt par tavu neitralo un kosho kraasu mikseeshanu, arii viena taada lietina, kas ar tevi saistaas un aksesuaaru izmantoshana - nu re te man atkal ir taa, ka aksesuaari vienmeer shiet ir par daudz, neko neizmantoju, jebsu tikai vienu lietu un tad visam pareejam jaabuut uber vienkaarsham...... Mana lieta visu laiku bija triis kraasas viena apgerbaa un nekad taas nesaskanot :-) tagad daudziem taa nesaskanoshana apkaart un man gribas visu visu saskanot haaa nee nu ne taa kaa peec graamatas, mana saskanoshana visticamaak ir citu nesaskanoshana:-)
    Par sniegu runaajot, oooo mums triis dienas un nu ir baigi negribiigi, bet kaa tu saki, fun, iipashi siikajam, jo mums te taa kalnaini,
    Taa art bag ideja ir pasakaina, buus jaaizpeeta vinu lapa idejaam, joooo 2013 ajaa gadaa esmu nosoliijusies nepirkt apgerbu apavus un somas, bet ak nee nav rokas bagaazha lidojumam uz lv naaksies shuut un varbuut lapaa var idejas smelties
    Taapat par spilgtajaam kraasaam gribeejaas pateikt, man taa ir neonzaljaa bribas visu un vienmeer, un kkad aizdomaajos, vai katram buutu kaada viena, pie kuras vinsh pieturas.... Fluoro rozaa tev?

  7. Loving that hat on you, and oh my goodness - that bag is so fun & fabulous!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Perfect combination!:) Love the pearls on you!


  9. Amazing outfit and photos! And once again you did a great job with the layering! You look gorgeous! Love the beanie!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  10. This is such a cute outfit, I love your beanie and bag!

    UK High Street Fashion

  11. Ramona , super , ideja vilkt vesti uz meteliša vienkārši lielisks veids ka apgērbu padarīt interesantāku , he he , man ari nupat iešāvās prātā outfits ar vesti un metelīti , bús jāpamēgina tad jau redzēs ka sanāk ! Jā , man ari patik kā Tu vienmēr esi drosmīga ar krāsām , manuprât Tev ir viskrāsainākā garderobe ever , EVER , es varu nosaukt krāsas Kas manā garderobē neeksistē , piemēram zała , Zila ( ā nē , ir sporta veste Zila , bet tas neskaitās ) , reti ir kaut Kas krāsains ..

  12. Super! Man tik ļoti, ļoti patīk tavs outfits! It sevišķi visas tās krāsas ko iekļāvi! Tiešām ļoti, ļoti patīk! :)


  13. Nothing's better than a good old fluorescent beanie! Love this look.

    Eva xox

  14. I'm amazed by the way you mix natural colors with pop colors ! I've never seen that before, you're a genius !!!

  15. Dear Ramona, your beanie is perfect to channel the neon trend and the bag os perfect to brighten up the last days of winter! take care, Caterina

  16. Ramona, i'm going mental over your colorful touks - they look great on you!! especially this candy pink, it's darling. totally gets me excited for springs arrival. i'm crossing all my fingers that the winter wind up starts to move a bit faster :)

    you make winterized style so extra chic!! hope you're having a good weekend so far lovely. ♥

  17. Caterina is absolutely right, Ramona - whether it's out of neccessity or desire, you have developed a real talent for layering pieces so beautifully; pieces that many of us would not think to wear together and yet, when you put them on, they look effortless, natural and beautiful. This outfit is such a wonderful example of that; your outfit is made up of layers of soft, feminine pastel shades - gray, pink, beige and white, but then you've added beautiful pops of neon from your bag and hat that just jump right out of the photos! Such a beautiful style :)