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 I have thought that maybe it's not too bad at all that I don't have a time to take some outfit photos. Here is my chance to share with you my friends everything what is on my mind at the moment and who knows maybe I'm not alone who thinking about this charming and dreamy trend, if I can say so- feather skirt.
Last year I was shearing my love for this skirt with my boyfriend's cousin, I have to say she is brilliant at sewing. She was encouraging me to made them myself.It shouldn't be hard if I would use old pencil skirt as a base and bought a ostrich feather trim and sew it on in layers. Well as much as I'm crafty yet this to me sounds a bit scary but maybe one day if I'll not buy those gorgeous skirt I will made them.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona


  1. Love this, especially the look on the right!
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  2. You have a great look and a great blog! <3

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  3. Ramona, I love feathers since forever. Those skirts are just beautiful and I can't imagine wearing one. Too bad the ones I've seen are sooo expensive.

    Trendy Feeling

  4. lovely pics; DD

    i invite to me too


  5. I have to admit, I never liked anything feathering... until I saw Blair from Atlantic Pacific wearing a feather skirt with the Zoe Karssen Creme de la Creme sweater. My mind is completely changed now and I think I've been repinning a lot of your feather skirt pins on Pinterest. I haven't found my perfect version yet, but the search is have the fun :) Beautiful collage, Ramona!

  6. great skirts!!!

    Angela Donava

  7. oh yay <3 these skirts are awesome <3

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  9. Ur so beautiful !
    Nice blog


  10. i looove everything with feathers or fringes! love this post!

  11. ..pirmkart gribu teikt ka loti patik tavs pinterest , nu loti iedvesmojosi , tik skaisti atteli un paldies ka pin it me also , drosi vari to darit kas vien iepatikas :) liti patikami :)
    ..ja , noteikti sameistaro tos svarkus , es jau kaut kur redzeju taisitus tiesi no boa ! ari man pasai ir feather skirt , ari bloga bija vienreiz , bet ieraugot so atkal sagribejas uzvilkt bet jau ziemas varianta ar zekubiksem !
    Paldies par jauko komentu par Ziemassvetkiem :) palika silti ap sirdi :)
    Es ceru ka Tev ari sis ir silts un mils laiks :)