gem colors & stripes

shoes- ShoeRack, skirt and top- Penneys, necklace- Strike a Pose, tights- House of Holland, bag- L. CRED, bracelets- ebay, DIY, Ti Sento

Holy moly, what a Monday! 
Today was published interview with me in TVNET.lv which is one of the biggest Latvian informative and entertaining online media. Visitors from Latvia I have around 4000 today, for my blog it's a lot, because I never had advertised my blog. Even in Latvia. I just never thought about it. 
With all publicity always comes some bitterness. I discovered a seriously rude anonymous and not anonymous comments from interview. I remember why I stopped allowing anonymous comments on my blog and that I'm on the right track. Sorry, about all  this (last bit) crap it's just shocked me how ugly it can get.
I'm happy to have you all here my lovely readers and I'm very thankful that you support me and receive all your sweet comments and  emails.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona


  1. Man ļoti žēl, ka tev tika sabojāts prieks. Bet ņemot vērā, ka (ziņu) portālos reti ir pozitīvi komentāri, tad, piedod, tas laikam tikai normāli. Lai cik skumji tas arī nebūtu. Jo tie kuri patiektu ko labu, nekad to nedara. Turies! Un neļauj sliktajam pieķerties! Laid lai plūst pāri un nokrati kā ūdens lāses.
    Veiksmīgi! Un man patiesi prieks! Darbojies!

  2. Great post!

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time

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  3. Śliczne zdjęcia ;D

  4. hei un shiis 3aas zekubikses no hoh taas sezonaas ja ... smuki....
    par tvnet eju tulin lasiit bet ja ir kaa saki vienkaarshi nenem to par pilnu - mans viirs saka cilveekiem kuriem nav savas dziives izdevusiaas tiem skauzh un tas arii viss taa ir skaudiiga zhults... un pareizi saki - negribas afisheeties, jo tie kuriem vajag zinaat zinaas un miilees un viss paareejais ir pie D ... uzraxtiishu e pastu ar atbildi jautaajumam un taa laikam riit ja.... nu lecu paari lasiit.... bildes kaa vienmeer suliigaas kraasaas

  5. I am loving stripes at the moment! Congrats on the interview!


  6. the skirt is beautiful..such an amazing colour!

  7. You know what, when I first got some mean comments on my blog I was really upset but then I realized that if I'm "irritating" someone enough that they have to post about it and try to make me feel bad, then I must be doing something right...after all, people don't go out of their way to make someone feel bad if they need to try to bring down someone who they think poses a threat! Anyway, huge congrats love, and you look so lovely here!

    Alexandra xo


  8. Don't listen to anyone sweety! They're just rude and jealous! Haters gonna hate, nothing new about it. I know how it must feel but don't pay attention to them. Do what you love! We're here because we love you and your style! Which by the way is amazing. Love what you're wearing here. Especially the skirt. Very elegant.

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  9. People are just jealous and they can't deal with that. Just ignore them and keep doing what you love!
    Amazing blog + style.


  10. great outfit :)
    You look fabulous! Love this combination!

  11. Congrats about the interview!
    Love the skirt and accessories!

  12. Congrats on the interview! Striopes are always suiting you weel!

  13. I like the color of your skirt! :D And your nail polish colors are so sweet! :D

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  14. apsveicu ar feature!! peec mirklja doshos uz tv net lasiit... :-) jaa, zeel, par tiem negatiivajiem komentiem, however... sunji rej, bet karavaana iet taalaak :-) taa tik turpinaat! xoxo

  15. I love to see your photos showing your style ideas - they always cheer me up and the blog is great too. Congrats on the interview!! People who are not gracious with their comments are not gracious people - after all, its not as if you've intruded on THEIR day; thay decided to follow you! If they don't like what you're doing why do they follow you - jealousy. Very sad people, very sad indeed.
    Chin up - move on and spread the love x

  16. Apsveikumi bloga sakarā! :) Lai veicās tā rakstīšanā arī turpmāk. :)
    Un neņem galvā tos negāciju pilnos komentārus. Tos tā pat skricelē cilvēki, kas paši neko dzīvē neuzņemas. :)

  17. Ra, congratulations. So proud of you. Remember, that bad comes with good and shows you are on the road of success.


  18. ..sveika Ramona , nupat biju un izlasiju , lieliska intervija , tik jauka un mila - tada ka Tu :) nenjem veeraa pilnigi Neko no shi negativisma, it tadi loti sad sad people kuriem rakstiit tadus komentarus ir tas pats ka elpot gaisu..Tu esi fantastiska un lai ik visa veicas :)

  19. Congrats honey! you really deserve it! what do you think of following each other? :)

    much love,