House of Harlow 1960

Check out Who What Wear's exclusive interview with designer Nicole Richie as she gives us a sneak peek of her new collections for Winter Kate and House of Harlow1960!  

P.S. I have been away for so long time working on different things on Strike a Pose. The weather in Ireland is so bad that I hadn't chance to take photos as well. Even deciding what to wear everyday is a challenge. I can't wait for warm days to come. Please, hurry up! 

Peace, joy and
xoxo Ramona


  1. I can relate to you cause the weather in Greece is also really bad! It's raining all day long, and it brought dirt with it. I've no idea what to wear in this weather! It's terrible! I hope it will be warm again really soon!

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  2. man savukaart laikam patiktu taadas peleeko dienu bildes, nu kad nestraadaa blogeru praats pie teerpiem - pietruukst kkaa peleekais vienkaarshais, parastais, ikdienishkjais....
    ar nepacietiibu gaidu, gribas redzeet, pie kaa esi straadajusi
    xxx mums ar laiks ziemiigs - bet varbuut jau uzmineeji - man patiik :)

  3. Ramona, I completely understand and cannot wait for Spring to arrive in Brussels as well...it's freezing, depressing and I would love to start wearing lighter clothes! Have a nice w-e!

  4. I surprisingly really like her line. I'm not sure why I was hesitant at first, but she did such a 180 from her Paris Hilton days. Now, she's a total cute fashionista.

  5. ..ak , es ari nesaprotu Kas ir noticis ar laiku ..murgs , tik auksti ..Ieintrigeji ar savu neveiksmigo pirkumu - Kursh dizainers?

  6. oooh lovely!
    she looks so adorable!
    can't wait to see the whole collection!

  7. LOVE her! gribaas gandriiz katru otro dizainu! :) un jaa, laiks ir galiigi garaam :/ kaa tev klaajas ar saviem darinaajumiem? xx

  8. I recently discovered House of Harlow - I mean, I knew that it existed but I had never seen much of the designs - and when I did, I was absolutely blown away! I cannot get enough of Nicole Richie's designs for her accessories line, it was wonderful to see this little preview video. Thanks so much for sharing, Ramona :)