Trench coat

I have previously talked about wardrobe staples (read here), but ones again I want to highlight one of most iconic pieces- trench coat. Whether a classic khaki or one with trendy updates anyway it will be timeless and chic piece. And no matter how you decide style up your look with trench coat - chic or casual it always will work out stylish and wonderful.

Claimed designed in the 1901 by Thomas Burberry and Aquascutum the 1850's, the original trench was submitted as an army officer's raincoat worn by British and French soldiers in First World War. 
Trench coat have become fashionable in the decades following Second World War as a businesslike respectability.
And goofing around, clearly.
all photos by D.A.

Have wonderful day fashionistas!

Peace, joy and
  xoxo Ramona


  1. hey Darling , pilnigi piekritu Tevis teiktaja , vienkarsiba ir ipash skaistums ko var teikt par trench coat , var vilkt visur un vienmer !

    oh girl , you looking so good , ka vienmer Love Love Love Your pictures ..Laimiga , man atliek Mirror shots :)

    Jauku nedelas sakumu :)

  2. aw, ramona.. i have missed you, girl!!! the trench coat is definitely iconic and timeless. i love it <3 every woman needs one, for sure! you are just as beautiful as i remember you.. its been a while and i really hope that you are doing well, darling!!

    x jamie

  3. Relaxed but chic! Love, love whole this look! :)


  4. Love your trench and your rings sweety! :)

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  5. Wanna wear trench coat too!!! Love those studed beanie!

  6. I do love a good trench coat, as you know, and that really is a great one.
    Your studded beanie is super cute too <3

  7. Yes nothing like a nice trench coat. Also lovely ring.

  8. Love the photo of the doggy! and the last one of you!

    The doll on fashion

  9. Ra that trench is amazing but the studded beanie has me swooning!! Fab! xo

  10. This simple, classic style suits you so beautifully, Ramona. Your trench is just the perfect cut and colour, and it looks wonderful with your jeans and boots. Your unique accessories - the studded hat and long ring - really take this look to a wonderful level of style. And as always, you look just gorgeous, particularly in the last photo.

    I hope you're well, my dear.


  11. You look absolutely amazing, I adore these photos. I'm obsessed with Burberry and love love the timeless classics. I have a black Burberry trench but I'm dying for a classic khaki like this!! Also, the last photo makes me smile! :):)


  12. PS. I'm following you on twitter now too! x

  13. Great look, I love that trench! You look fabulous dear! xo -Taj

  14. Pilnīgi piekrītu - es nespēju iedomāties savu dzīvi bez trencīša. ;)
    Un no otras puses - ak, tu laimīgā, ka neesi ieslodzīta Sorel sniega zābakos, prakās un dūnu jakās, kuras skorpstas nenosarmo un mati nepārvēršas lāstekās. :))

  15. I have been on the hunt for a classic trench for years. I would love to invest in a Burberry model but sadly, it is not financially in the cards for me right now. Fingers crossed I come across a vintage steal!

  16. looking good, love the outfit and riing !! :D


  17. OOhh how cute is that dog...I love your trench!