sisal Christmas tree

It's so soon becoming dark and I just haven't had a chance to take some look of the day photos.I've been so busy lately and long evenings give more time for indoor activities. Such as reading, cooking, movie evenings or .. as this time making Christmas ornaments.

You will need:
  • hot gun glue
  • foam plastic ball( cut on a half )
  • stick ( stick in a middle half of foam plastic ball flat side and fasten with  glue)
  • wire (stick in a middle of half of foam plastic ball on top and glued)
  • sheet of paper( made a cone and glued to half of foam plastic ball)
  • sisal rope ( which I shredded and fasten with glue around paper cone and sticking out of it wire)

I choose 1Litre zinc bucket where to plant my tree and fixed it into foam plastic. Tree decorated with Christmas plastic balls fasten with glue.

On top of foam plastic in a bucket I fasten with a glue sisal and all natural stuff what I could find in park and at my home.

This is it!
I hope you like my sisal Christmas tree and you will try to make one for yourself.

Happy weekend!

Peace, joy and
  xoxo Ramona


  1. Mas que ótima dica minha querida^^
    amei amei
    boa noite

  2. oh my god its adorable! You are better than martha stewart!!

  3. Aww this is so cute! Love it! Congrats for making it sweety, it's fantastic!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  4. love it...un man prieks ka tev laika sanak gramatam un kino ehhh...gan jau man arii kaadu dienu...lewis raxta dear santa can u get a baby for mama ha ha haaa tas kas man ir vajadziigs lai atrastu vairaak laika sev:) gaidu ar nepacietibinju veel zsv dekoracijas- x

  5. ..super super super , tik loti skaisti un izsmalcinati, man pasai patik taisit visu visu visu :) paslaik esmu panika jo nekur nevaru dabut egles vai priezu zarus adventes vainagam :) jo negribas pirkt tapec ka pasai patik taisit un no dabigiem materialiem ..

    Tavs kocins izskatas fantastisks , uzlaboja garsatavokli , pati ari ka tik loti miniaturisks , tadu pat varetu izmantot ka galda rotajumu , piemeram pie katras personas !!! super , lielisks post , Paldies ..

  6. so adorable! love the christmas cheer :) xo


  7. You are so talented, Ra!


  8. Your little tree looks lovely and so original! Yep, Christmas is in the air...and I should start thinking about decorations as well!

  9. What a great tree! I like more out of the ordinary trees as well, we have a Philippine vine tree as our Christmas tree :)

  10. Oooh I am so in love with this tree! I'll try to make it to although I am quite sure that I won't get your same result :-O

  11. You're super creative!!! Love it!!!

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  13. Oh my goodness, Ramona, what an adorable project! I'm not very good at doing crafts, but you've made this look so easy, I feel like even I might be able to do it :) And the little Christmas tree that you have at the end is so sweet, I can't resist trying. Thanks so much for sharing this, dear, and I hope you're doing well.

  14. So many fun DIY, crafty projects out this holiday. I need to get back into making things, it always feels so good to have made something yourself. This looks fun, easy, and is a gorgeous end product!

  15. That is an adorable tree! We have a miniature tree in our flat but it hasn't been decorated yet.