my little crumbs of happiness

What a week! If all around country everyone was enjoying Indian Summer then we in South was soaking wet, but oh what the heck I got at least one photo  for my blog.

Little wonderful things and one of them are my pearls. I don't own many of them, but everything what I have I cherish dearly. I love them wearing and since I was little girl I wanted to have real pearls. My love (boyfriend) didn't know about my wish, but thinking about me he made a beautiful gift real pearl necklace years ago and now I have some earrings and bracelet as well. Thank You!

I love simple things. They're the best ones. 
One of them is when we walk hand in hand. I know that there are some couples who don't walk hand in hand, but for us it is important. Just to feel that we're here together and for each other.
I love to see when older couples still are walking hand in hand , it's so sweet.

Since Fall is here and not only our wardrobe is changing, but our menu too. Lately I and my boy are loving to bake apples in oven with honey & cinnamon. This was my childhood tradition. When Fall was here and apple harvest was done in cold evenings as a yummy snack we baked apples in oven. Mmmmm..
You can always add some nuts, bake with butter and brown sugars and serve with ice cream, but most of all I love keep it simple, you know simple things ;), just with honey and cinnamon. Divine!

all photos by D.A.

This is our baby girl Tigra. Our bundle of joy. She is so cute when she is sleeping, because when she is awake she is crazzzzyyy, funny and so playful. Haha! Love her so much! 
Thank YOU all for your wishes which help her come home.

Wish YOU all my LOVELIES beautiful weekend!

Peace, joy and ♥
xoxo Ramona


  1. I love the hat, great pics! :)

    xo Emma

  2. Beautiful couple, lovely girl!!!! Ramona you need to share some of your recipes, they look amazing!

  3. What a nice post!
    You make a nice couple :) My man & I always hold hands too it feels natural.
    I've neverr tried baked apples but they sound devine!! I'm going to give them a go myself.

    Thanks for your lovely comment by the way, you're a sweetheart xox

  4. wow... smukaaa tu tai pirmaa bildē.... tas lakatiņš. nu zīmējums uz tā man pirmajā mirklī radīja acu mā',u - tie punktiņi izskatījās ka mazas meitenītes acis un mati - tāda mīlīga sejiņa.... bet es jau vienmēr redzu, kas patiesībā nav... tāpēc varbūt tuva man bija filma midnight in paris... ja sanāk noskaties...
    mēs savukārt ļoti reti staigājam rociņās ha ha haa... varbūt jo lewis ir visulaiku viņam uz kaklu vai arīpatisība ir tāda ka mēs viens otru ļoti reti redzam....varbūt šodien uz jūru tā aiziesim, jo mums joprojām kaaaarrrsssts....
    un ābolus, kā jau tev teicu, cepšu rīt... man vislabāk patīk vienkārši tā cepti bez nekā...lai ir mazliet skābeni tas ir forši...brīnišķīgs posts....

  5. These photos are so wonderful! You are so beautiful, and you and your boyfriend look so cute :P Tigra is also adorable, and the baked apples look delicious! Enjoy your weekend Ramona! xx

  6. Hi Ra! I think it's so romantic when couples walk hand in hand! You and your boyfriend are so cute together! I love baked apples..or anything made of apples actually. So glad to see you have Tigra back home again! Thank you for your wonderful comment and I have to remember not to get too stressed out! xoxoxoxoo

  7. Great photos, I love your outfit, it has kinda 70's flavor; the jeans, the long top and the hat - love it all.
    Especially how you combined the colors.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. thank you sweetheart! lovely pics :)

  9. wonderful pics dear!

    hope you have a great weekend!

  10. You look so cute in the first photos! And you're such an adorable couple. I loved your post and all its pictures!!

    Do You Speak Gossip?

  11. You are so sweet!! And your boyfriend too!!
    This happiness crumbs post left me with a smile!

  12. So nice hearing personal stories from you! :) You and your boyfriend are such a lovely couple!

  13. I'm so in love with the first photo! The moment is perfectly caught.

    P.S. you're absolutely right: they just think that the whole bunch of countries to the East are Russia. It's so rude as there so many wonderful nations with different traditions, cultures, etc.

  14. Great photos. :D
    I love your blog & posts. :D

    I'm following you!

  15. Hun! you look absolutely gorgeous, as usual! <3 and that photo of the "wonderful" with the pearls is simply amazing! did you take it? :)) also, how thoughtful of your bf to buy them for you! he knows you so well! :D <3
    XOXO Kasia

  16. fab photos..he has such a cool beard!
    love your outfits!!and i agree seeing old couples walk hand in hand is cute!

  17. Ramona! My boyfriend and I love to walk hand and hand as well. There's something so sweet and magical about a couple in love! Also, I want to try baking some apples in the oven-it doesn't seem super hard, but yours look delicious!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  18. Nice post! Love the photo with your bf walking ;) very cute!

    xoxo F.

  19. Mmm...cepti ābolīši! Ņamma! Šogad ir ābolu gads, tā kā šī labuma mums ir pa pilno! ;)
    Ā, un man tik ļoti patīk tā pirmā bilde! Tik forša!

  20. Lovely to see your baby, and how lovely of your man, fab post x


  21. Love the pics!!You look amazing!!Kisses!!

  22. ai que fotos lindas!
    Cada vez mais chick :)

    A primeira foto então... poderosa!

  23. You always have such positive posts- a delight to read! I love walking hand in hand with my husband, always have. He is just so affectionate it is nice to count on that, especially when you are stressed or busy!

  24. love!!!


  25. That first pic is so great! you look amazing darling! And oh my goodness that baked apples w/honey and cinnamon sound amaaaaazing. Must try! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  26. Your pictures are beautiful! I love pearls as well, they are so feminine and romantic:) I must try as well apples with honey and cinnamon, I have never tasted this combination!

    Stories and Sequins

  27. such beautiful photos Ra! Love the one of you and your man...so sweet! xo

  28. Rainy weather is never anyone's first choice, and I completely understand your feeling, it seems like everyone in Canada is having Indian summer except us, but I think the bad weather resulted in something good for you, because the first photo of you is so sweet and natural- you look so happy, I just love it!

    There is so much joy in this post, it's wonderful to see a photo of you with your boyfriend, and also of Tigra... The whole family is here :) And it sounds like you're taking wonderful advantage of the fall, baked apples are one of my favourite fall treats!


  29. These are fantastic shots! Really love those first two. And it really is the simple things in life ... xx

  30. That is such a cute pic of your cat!


  31. Beautifu couple you are!!! Kitty's paw!!!! awwww!!!

  32. this is such a lovely post from you :) I looove that black & white photo of you, and well, actually everything else too :P you're definitely a talented writer!

  33. these pics are great full of love and joy :)


  34. ..cik fantastisks post , ilgi tadu nebiju lasijusi un tik iedvesmojosh ..pirma bilde tiesam superiga un es pievienojos Gintai par lakatinu ar izskatu ka meitene ar acim un matiem , tikai otraja reize skatoties ieveroju - loti maksliniecisks foto ..

    par aboliem - super , tiesi so man vajadzeja redzeet lai rit pagatavotu un ari man tas ir bernibas atminas - uzreiz no darza cepeskrasnii :) so simple things make us happy ..

    un es Dievinu kad omites un opisi rokas sadevusies ..ehhh ..

  35. Love the first photo of you!! And what a cute kitty<3