have really been good girl

I haven't got a chance to share with You my Christmas gifts. I took some shots to show what I got.

This beautiful gold jaguar bracelet I got from my boyfriend

The book! I couldn't got it, because it always was sold out so quickly, but my boyfriend got one for me. He said that he found last one in bookshop even if shop staff check on data base and didn't found, but my bf found in on book shelf's hidden under other books.

I always wanted grey bag and there it is. Inside it have nice leopard print and lots of space. If You haven't notice I like big bags and this one is as well from my bf.

Those cute sterling silver tree earrings I got from my mam, she sent me from Latvia. Those are some Latvian artist creation.

Parfume Issey Miyake L'EAU D'ISSEY is one of my favorites. First time I got them from my first big salary,then I was them wearing lot and after good while I changed to Miss Dior Cherie, those are the second my favorite. My BF new about it and got these for me as well, he is spoiling me.

This cute,white, bow , leather bracelet I got from my brother, from Latvia. He have started design and sell leather bracelets from different kind of leather. His brand designs is selling well in Latvia designers shops.

all photos by me
These Alexander Mcqueen Puma sneakers I got from my boyfriend. I don't know how many times I'm gone where them, but they looks amazing and they are super comfy.

photos by D.A.
This kitten is the biggest and the precious gift we ever had. Her name is Tigra, because she is stripy. Three things describes Tigra the best - eating, sleeping and playfulness. She have already so much love for us. In the morning she wakes up us with very loud purr and licking our faces.

And You all are giving me every day so much love, strength and inspiration that I can't thank You enough my lovers. May all the love that You shared find its way back to You!!

Lots of ♥
xo xo Ramona


  1. You got some amazing things !!! That braclete s to die for

  2. I love your kitten, she's so sweeet ^^

  3. Beautiful Ramona this are great gifts!!!!!! And your cat is amazing, so cute!!!!!!

  4. The kitten is precious, but that bracelet is outstanding! Well done you, and congrats on snagging a bf with such great style! Love your blog!
    - Catherine at The Spring{www.thespringblog.com}

  5. The kitten is the most precious gift ever!!!

  6. I love your bag. I am just like you when it comes to bag, the bigger the better.

    Maybe we can follow each other?


  7. hi darling!i'm your 40th follower!
    hope you'll follow me back soon!
    the tiger bracelet...is just AMAZING!!!
    i want it!!! super cool!!! amazing xmas presents!
    happy new year!!! xoxo

  8. the sneakers are sooo amazing, want them! (just like your other presents)

    enjoy your friday, love Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  9. These stuff are amazing!! I'm loving the sneakers, something different :) You have a lovely blog!

    Stay gorgeous!

  10. What wonderful gifts! I love the panther bracelet, and I think it was my favourite... until I saw your kitten! She's just too adorable for words :) You must have been very good this year, indeed!

  11. Those MCQ shoes are FABULOUS!!!! Lucky Girl...