The 5 Piece French Wardrobe

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I came across at gorgeous Sabrinas blog http://www.afterdrk.com/ this amazing fashion diet- the "5 Piece French Wardrobe".

I must admit I'm spontaneous buyer so now I have big problem in my wardrobe I just don't have so much space, but don't be tricked, I my two door wardrobe share with my boyfriend, so I don't have enormous space. And I don't want to throw away my clothes, so I need to come up with some kind of order, method how to organise my clothing further and be more specific with shopping. I wanted to post the "5 Piece French Wardrobe" perhaps there is someone like me who is needed some fashion diet.

Sabrina tells:

It’s something that a lot of you might have already heard of before, but I’m going to explain anyway. The idea is to buy just 5 new (on trend) items each season. Since there’s just two seasons in fashion, that’s about 10 pieces a year. Now this may seem very hard and highly impossible to do, but basics don’t count and I would only recommend to do this when you’re already having a nice basic wardrobe.

I think the key is to only buy stuff you really really want, so you won’t get tired of them very easily. You have to make your own rules, depending on your budget. My rules:
1.Basics, like that Acne dress don’t count.
2.Shoes do count, cause I kinda have an expensive taste in shoes.
3.Accessories don’t count, but that Rag & Bone hat would, since it’s over 100 euro’s.
4.Underwear and socks don’t count.
5.The rest does…

Here’s the list of basics that I think you’re gonna need when starting the 5 Piece French Wardrobe thing. It may seem like a lot, but I’ve tried to make a list for all four seasons, since it’s basics. Now this is just how I see things, your list doesn’t have to be the same at all, but I hope this helps the ones who want to get started.


1.Black, grey and white loose t-shirt
2.Black, grey and white tank top
3.Little black t-shirt dress, also in white
4.White or cream blouse, I would recommend getting it in silk
5.Black blazer
6.Chunky cardigan
7.Simple jumper


1.Black skinny pants
2.Skinny jeans
3.Black (bodycon) skirt
4.Levi’s cutoffs (vintage)


1.Leather jacket
2.Trench coat
3.Wool winter coat


1.Black pumps
2.Mid heeled ankle boots
3.Summer sandals


1.Gold or silver watch
2.Black leather bag

Lots of ♥
xo xo Ramona


  1. I share my room with my sister and we share our closet and I'm running low on space as well...
    I wish I was able to only buy 5 new pieces every season!


  2. Sabrina is an inspiration!!
    I'll have a HUGE giveaway on my blog, you can't miss that!

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  4. very interesting post! :D
    love it!



  5. I've heard of this before, but Sabrina's version goes into much more practical detail, which is great :) Although I think she just described what I have in my wardrobe already! Great post.

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  7. Awesome post and blog, I follow you now!!!

  8. Die had ik nog niet gelezen. Maar dat heeft zij mooi gezegd. Bedankt voor het delen. Fijn weekend.

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  10. i really need to do this!