Baby it's cold outside

These days I'm kind of boring, because it's so damn, cold outside and I don't have much properly winter clothes, actually I don't have any winter clothes. Winter in Ireland is quite nice, around +8°C , very rarely it drops below 0°C so we don't need to worry about wrapping and layering as I had in Latvia where winter sometimes comes with -35°C. And even when I decide to buy something from winter clothes I eventually ending not buying, because I still can't believe that this winter will be here for a long while. So I ending up freezing my but and layering up all I can find in my wardrobe which could keep me as warm as possible. All my looks I post in blog is my actual everyday looks. This is how I would look if You meet me on the street or shop, or elsewhere. I know I wore this faux fur vest too many times, but it does keep me warm and underneath it I wore my new H&M asymmetric sweater. It's not so chunky, but still cozy. My pink faux fur earmuffs are saviours, I always try to keep them in my bag. I have big bag so I can carry my all household :) Actually I just love over sized bags and try to not overload it with stuff, but be organized.

all photos by D.A.
Lot's of ♥
xo xo Ramona


  1. love your bag!! xx Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  2. I've heard you've all had a terrible winter in Europe, hope it gets better soon! Love the shots of you in front of the merry-go-round, the colours are beautiful and you look so sweet :)

  3. very cute outfit! love the earmuffs!!!


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  5. Thank you for your comment fellow irish blogger :)

    I am following :)

    your style is hot, but maybe tell us what you are wearing at the bottom of you blog :)

  6. fabulous accessories! too cute