Tuesday Inspiration

I thought the older we get the more reasonable we are. No more drama. But I would say that way too many people still are living in their teenager years- loving all that drama. Life seems to be still about with who to be friends with and who you pretend to be. I really want to step away from all of that, just cut off and don't think when next drama will appear. Maybe the older I get the more weird I get and that's why I'm having just few friends which I cherish. It might be that my tiredness is talking and it might be that I'm wrong.
I cannot wait when holidays will come and we'll have some days off to stay home and relax. I'm sure I still will be thinking about new jewelry designs, because there isn't a day when I don't think. It's my happy place. But I will close the door and have pajamas all day. I'm daydreaming.
Also I think some shopping have to be done, because my hand is reaching for the same things, but I don't have energy or time to spend for that. I'm sorry for all this rambling. #liveauthentic

Peace, joy and ♥ 
 xoxo Ramona


  1. Super inspirations! I like everything!

  2. Ak, kā es Tev piekrītu! :) Kaut arī man ir tikai 24 gadi jau tagad sāku saprast to cik stulbi bija izlikties un domāt, ka jo vairāk Tev ir draugu, jo foršāks cilvēks esi. Man ir plašs paziņu loks, bet īstos draugus varu uz vienas rokas pirkstiem saskaitīt un man ir labi tā, jo zinu, ka ar šiem cilvēkiem varu neizlikties, nenoklusēt savas domas un nebaidīties par to, ko par mani padomās :)
    Bet atkāpe no šīs tēmas, esi izveidojusi skaistu mood board ar tik skaistām krāsām - iedvesmojoši :)


  3. Thanks for the inspiration :)


  4. Gorgeous inspiration, thank you, and please share more!
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  5. Such great insightfulness and inspirational!

    xx Auna | http://simplyauna.com

  6. I love those shoes!!
    Adi xx

  7. I totally agree with you!
    It can get so stressful and tireing to struggle with all the drama. The past few months I have been fighting with myself - how good I am, maybe I don`t deserve this or deserve that despite the fact that I work and try really hard to achieve all the things I want in my life!
    The same about friendship. Finally I see who my true friends are, and I don`t mean that I have thousands of them, no, I mean those few real ones who will always be by my side and listen to me cry or laugh..
    Thanks for this beautiful post!
    And yes, I agree with Maddie - lovely mood board, I am so IN love with pastel tones, ohh my!

    Have a wonderful NY`17!


  8. Some great inspiration here! I love the lips they're so much fun :)

    Laura xo